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am I getting the wrong love readings??

about 1 month ago
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I just gotten a vision psy reading from elsewhere and I ain’t even sure if it’s 100% accurate. I want the same person reading. A psychic on here told me that he single not really seeing anyone; while the other psy with the vision from recent, told me he is dating this woman hurting her planning on leaving her for me and that his personality has changed. They said he has became mean and very egotistic. Sounds like him to me but it doesn’t make sense that In March psychics told me him and his ex broke up in college. I want to know which prediction is true. I don’t have a need for fairytales. I want a blunt reassuring reader only. He’s asian guy btw. Average and tall. He has jet black hair. Not being racist but I want to make sure the reading is from the same guy. His initials are S.G 6/3/00 and my initials are M.C 4/19/99. I do believe that he might have changed just cause of the timeframes keep changing. What do I need to believe?

about 1 month ago

Please come to me for clarity

about 1 month ago
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Christine Ramm-Matthews (naturalbornpsychic)

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Instead of throwing us what other Readers said, I recommend you ask the question directly and specifically to the forum as most Psychics do not ride on the skirt tails of other readers. Just ask directly and then state you have had other readings, but leave the details out. You never want to feed the Psychics. Then you will be able to weigh out what is said to you in this forum. Just asking which psychic was correct without the question you asked will not allow this outlet to work for you.