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Sage Stephen

Sage Stephen


I’ve been doing professional preadings since 1997. I’ve regressed and counseled over 2000 people in regards to their karma and past lives. I’m a former matchmaker and have matched over 3000 people for relationships. I’m the author of one relationship/past life book, and many audio meditations and e-books.

Publications Your Love Life and Reincarnation

Education/Credentials BA UofA, self-taught in tarot, intuitive readings, spiritual detox, trained in regression and metaphysical counseling. I combine my experience, knowledge and awareness to help others fulfill their potential. It has been and continues to be a process of observation, discussion, and trial and error rather than blindly accepting information. Visit for more information.

I’m direct and candid in my answers yet I express what I perceive and receive with compassion.

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