The New “Client Recent Payments” Feature

The Client Recent Payments feature has been added to address advisors’ concern that they waste a long time on “freebies” – clients who abuse the free introductory time and never intend to pay the advisor afterward.

How it works:

When a client rings, the advisor sees the following popup:

Notice the “Recent Payments” line which indicates how many conversations has the client paid for, out of his total number of conversations (where he was requested to pay).

When the advisor accepts the call, the chat console appears:

Notice the new top orange line which again details the client payment history.

In case the client is new, or the system does not have enough data on such client, an appropriate message will be displayed. This is not an indication of any problem with the client. It only means we still don’t know much about this client’s payment habits.

If the client never paid so far, but participated in many conversations where he was asked to pay, then the client’s recent payment statistics will be emphasized. This could be used as a warning for the advisor that this client usually does not pay, and hence, the advisor should carefully consider how much free time they are willing to give.

As of today, this feature is deployed and there is no need to take any special action in order to activate it.