Facebook Integration

Note: You don’t need to have a Facebook account to benefit from this feature. Read on…

Update (6-18-2010): Now you can also connect your Facebook account to BitWine (see Twitter/Facebook Integration)

Background Facebook is the largest social network on the Internet to date. With Facebook integration, your clients can recommend you to their friends, who in turn can introduce you to their friends, and so forth. This is a great viral marketing tool for your service.

How does it work? At the top right corner of your Advisor’s profile page, there is now a Facebook Like button

When someone visits your profile page and clicks this button, several things happen:
  • That person becomes a “fan” of your service
  • Your fans count increases by one (and is displayed next to the Like button)
  • The person may leave a comment and publish it on their Facebook wall – this will automatically be seen by all of the friends of that person!

You will later be able to communicate with all your fans through Facebook (e.g. send them promotion material, updates, coupons)

Facebook Comments In addition, we have added a Facebook comments box on the bottom right of your profile page (under the Reviews section). This lets your visitors leave you comments that will be seen by all users. This is similar to the BitWine’s reviews only that anyone can leave you such comment, and you will be able to control them. When a user leaves you a Facebook comment, once again that comment may be posted on their Facebook wall, and hence, propagates to all their friends.

What do I need to do? Encourage your clients to click the button on your profile page and leave you good comments!

Also, please help BitWine by clicking the Like Button on the homepage or community page.