Advisor Sara-Jacquelyn ~ ♥ "LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS READINGS** I Will Give You Answers, Direction and Change *RATES"~ 15min=$20 ~ 30min=$30 ~ 45min=$45 " Must" be a Bitwine Registered User" *


The Tarot Reader who will offer you a smooth blend of "Prediction and Practicality". As a Clairvoyant and a Tarot Reader, I offer a smooth blend of prediction and practicality. Being spiritually happy doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. It does mean you have decided to see beyond the imperfections. Allow me to guide you to the life you deserve. I read on any topic, but love and relationships are a specialty of mine. I will provide accurate information in regard to the situations and people in your life. Using my natural abilities and the Tarot, we can analyze the energies around you to find the answers you seek. My goal during your reading is to assist you in creating the path you desire. My readings are honest and straightforward, and always confidential regarding your love life, employment or financial affairs. You are not alone anymore! Let me help you find the answers you seek! My specials are for my regular customers ~ 15min=$20 ~ 30min=$30 ~ 45min=$45

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

GIFTS♥ ~Being an empath is my strongest gift ~ I feel what other people are feeling. I have the ability to place myself into the experience of another person and feel their emotions and desires. ~Clairvoyance the ability to ‘see’ Spirit. ~Clairaudience the ability to hear my Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other extra-sensory input. ~Clairsentience is intuition in the form of emotional input, physical feelings or gut feelings. ~Claircognizance is when intuitive information just pops into my head.

Now the everyday stuff: BS – Education/ Behavioral Science I love Reading Tarot and am a practicing Spiritualist, I am absolutely certain that any Tarot Reading which I provide will empower, assist and enable every person to fulfillment…but YOU need to take the positive action too! Thank you in advance, to everybody who comes to me for guidance.

NO REFUNDS unless requested and done during actual contact. Sessions are billed on "TIME" spent once Bitwine’s billing clock begins.*


Over 25 years professional reading experience – live Psychic Fairs, chat, email, Advisor on the Ms. Cleo Network, Dionne Warwick PRN, Kasamba, Keen and Psychic Power Network . Also many years ago read on Chicago radio regarding Robert Wagner’s connection to Natalie Wood-Wagner’s un-timely drowning. Many years experience here!

Just a few recent feedbacks:

~ Loved this reading! :D:D 100% recommended

~ I thought it was great!

~ I appreciated your honesty and also the fact that you didn’t try to give me any weird rituals to do. Thank you.

~ very straight forward and accurate.. no sugar coating

~ Thanks S-J for your insight, much appreciated :)

~ A wonderful, compassionate, generous and caring reader. I cannot say enough about Sara—she is true and loving spirit!!! Thank you, Sara, so very much!!!!!

~ she is accurate and tunes into things quickly.. very good. i will be back when i need insight

~ she knew so many private details about my relationships.. things i’ve never expressed to anyone, nor had anyone ever picked up on.. but she had such an unreal knowing and understanding.. the end result has equipped me with so much insight.. and the proper knowledge to make better decisions from here.. thankyou jaqui

~ very honest and helpful ty so much

~ Gave good honest advice, some of the things I didnt want to hear but at least it was honest…will let you know how the predictions come to pass!

~ Great Reading! I really enjoyed it! Very patient and understanding and gave me a lot of insight.

~ fun reader, sees clearly, sees fast = ) I will be back

~ thank u

~ Always EXCELLENT, Thank you

ACCURACY RATE ~ 98.85% At this point I have 21 unsatisfactory responses: 21 is 1.152579582876% of 1822

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19 Sep 2018 unsatisfactory ranking superstarrr

Totally contradictory to other readings and I don't see how he'll marry me if he's not in love with me. Nice lady. Honestly guys I've given up on psychics. This was last straw.. it's all what you manifest and if we truly belief we wouldn't have doubt by asking psychic

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08 Apr 2017 unsatisfactory ranking alba

Unlike other top advisors, her reading was very general and vague and I was still confused after. Oh well!

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16 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking techlysweet

Some of the things she told me just did not ring true. He isn't sitting around gossiping with a group of male friends. He's hardly got any friends, much less a group of 3 that all hang out and it's apart of what he was telling me about the other day. And the advice she gave me was just completely inane, illogical and if I did it would just make me seem like a crazy person?? Send him a video of me telling him he needs female energy in his life and then end the video with me making kissy faces?? What in the world... he'd think I'd gone insane... this is a serious situation. Please can I have a refund for BOTH readings and this time without any arguments or guilt tripping me into getting another reading with you.

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01 Mar 2016 unsatisfactory ranking missymoo

Feel just as uncertain as I did at the start of the reading,

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29 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking lucky1

You were wrong. You told me I needed to make more contact. Turns out he doesn't want me to contact him at all. Thanks for the bad advice.

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