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My name STEVEN and I am a psychic medium.I was born with my gifts and have worked very hard to see what are my limits,and after many years of practice i have forseen that…my gifts have NO limits. Want to know if he/she is being unfaithful? Don’t know if they are the right one? I have learned that I can feel auras and see how a person is feeling I have helped many ppl with there love lifes but at the same time I have seen some of them being unfaithful, i have helped not only in love lifes but also in buisness i have seen great furtunes in the future,also i have the power to lift bad energy from you,and renew the good, i have evan helped my clients in being a better lover.i have helped many ppl with everything you can imagine . I tell the truth.. and I do not judge.. I will not sugar coat anything.. I tell it as I see it. I can help you with my gifts ,YOU have the questions I have the answers.

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I have went to great lengths to test my gifts,so many tests..,that i have learned that in my past life i had these gifts also,and i was helping people with them evan then! And now I have help people in buisness ,love,past lifes,soul searching,bad engery,and restoring good energy, pets, and so much more for many, many years


My experience is not determined,i have seen my past life.. and i have had my gifts even then as well,. My experience in this life?....My whole life…....but my total experience?? ....centuries

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