Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee


"A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be." – Albert Einstein

Not only have I been working as a Psychic for 15 years and have been studying the Tarot for 10 years, but I also took a break from running my own Psychic Shop to study Life Coaching. With this combination of my natural intuition and knowledge of life coaching, I handle people & clients with great delicacy and care. I am here to talk, listen and give the most accurate advice possible. A good doctor is an even better doctor if he knows how to handle situations, good or bad, and is able to communicate with his patients.

And that is what I consider myself—a spiritual doctor.. which is why I take my job seriously! I offer spiritual cleansings & healings, but only to those who truly need them.

There are many wonders and questions in this world, and not everybody can find the answers. I will do my absolute best to provide you with comfort and guidance.

Remember, things should be simple…. but not simpler.


I grew up in a spiritual & religious home. My mother, grandmother and uncle are all psychic. They all ran a Psychic shop together and I also helped along the way. I do Tarot, Energy and Palm readings. I took classes in life coaching to improve the effectiveness of my readings. I spent a great deal of time training my own natural intuition and inner-voice. I used many tools and resources as possible to define my ability and job, because to me, I take it very seriously.

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