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Psychic and Tarot



I have been developing my psychic abilities for 5 years now, and do Tarot readings from my home.

I also practise Hoodoo magick. I don’t do spells for other people at the moment but I will advise you on what to do yourself, to get an ex back. or to attract a new love.

I specialise in love and relationships, and will give guidance and insight into your situation.

Services I offer at the moment are:

Tarot readings by email (5 questions or a general reading) – $15

Hoodoo magic consultancies by email (advise you on spells to try out) – $15

*Live Psychic Readings – £2.50 per minute

Any other questions just ask me.

I also know a bit about cosmic ordering, wish boards, and astrology.


5 Years practising Tarot, and developing my psychic ability

2 years practising Hoodoo

2 years doing Tarot readings from home

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