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Marian SH. chauhdry is here with years of experience to decode your problems. I will open the opportunities for your future by giving detailed insights into your situations and will guide you through the areas of life for Desired Outcomes.I keep things simple and remain honest because i believe that it is better for you to know the truth than to have false hopes.

Working with my Spirit guides and my gifts, I focus on going deeper than the surface issues, finding the exact root cause of the issues in relationships and other life problem. I help my clients with the skills to break through these challenges.

Dreams Interpretation: if you are having a recurring dream (or just one dream) that has or is bothered/bothering you,let me INTERPRET it for you with the guidance of Light so that you know the message it holds for you


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♥I am natural born god gifted,3rd Generation guide,who connect with people and is guided by light and esteem powers to inform you about your actual paths towards happiness.I help only those people in achieving their goals, who are interested in helping their own selves.

I AM: ♥~ Spiritual Medium ~♥ Professional Relationship Healer ♥~ Relationship Counselor ~♥ Spiritual Guide ♥~ Life Guide and Consultant ~♥ Spiritual Counselor Career Coach

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10$deal is for new registered clients only and can be taken once


I have over 17 years of experience in helping and guiding people into the path that is destined for them. Love specialist.I won’t tell you what you hope to hear in order to give you false sense of relief that hinders progress.

I will give you what you need, the truth, help you to explore the options that lie before you, and provide insight into what your choices/options will lead to. people come to me and have their mind cleared and guided towards light.

I am bringing clients peace of mind for over 17 years professionally. I can bring you peace of mind too!

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31 Jan 2020 satisfactory ranking renee1982

She was ok

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05 Nov 2019 satisfactory ranking tired10

I like her but the incorrectly spelled words throws the reading off a little. It makes it hard to read but I understand what she meant

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08 Apr 2019 satisfactory ranking lvb14624

this reading was quite beneficial to me. I liked the reader's style, and she really seemed genuine to me like others have said and really in tune with poi! She said my poi will be returning end of May and when the prediction occurs, I will be returning to change this rating to excellent! I never mark excellent until I see prediction unfold as that is why we make the payment for the service, right? But, I an tell you that this reader was pleasant, no fuss, caring, well versed and sweet. I do recommend her!

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23 Dec 2018 satisfactory ranking selen

Just okay, more like counseling than psychic.

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20 Oct 2018 satisfactory ranking mapples

Info was ok. At one point after I asked a question she said we were already 2 or 3 mins over and she knew the answer and if I want more info I can pay for it, which felt a little rude - was a first time reading, I don’t have a history of going overtime with her or anything , doesn’t inspire me to wanna choose her. The time she spend typing that she coulda answered the question .

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