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Psychic Natalie

Psychic Readings By Natalie I have a Direct Connection to you Spirit Guides And There Advise To You! No Sugar Coating and Strait To The Point Non Judgmental and Open to Any Topic


I am a natural born fifth generation psychic with over 15 years of experience.

I am non judgmental, And i am open to any topic.

I look into your past, present, and future with insight and direction. I answer all questions in full detail! My soul purpose is to help my clients get through those troubling situations and find a solution. Do You Have Questions About Your Relationship? Do You Want To Know If The One Your With Is Faithful? If he/she is the one? I am a Twin Flame expert! I will guide you on your love path, help you find out who is your twin flame, and if you met Him/Her yet.I also give insight on career, Finance,Past Lives, and ext.I provide answers and guidance to your situation and find a solution.. Are you stressed? Stuck at a crossroad? Not sure which path is the one for you? Many times in life we find our self at a cross road, confused on which decision to make. Or sometimes we have no direction at all, not sure what lies ahead.Using my gift I can lead you on the right path.

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Certified Psychic,certified in chakra balancing and have My own shop My gift in natural, past down from five generations of natural born psychics. I did not study or practice my gift it was past down to me. I have a Direct Connection to your spirt Guides and their advice for you!


My gift was past down to me from five generations. I discovered my gift at the age of 7, and I have been giving professional readings for over 15 years, with expertise in psychic, tarot, palm, crystal readings and ect. I have many testimonials. I also have my own shop, and work with psychic conventions.

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14 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking monika34

I giving this rate becouse this was the most confusing reading is possible, I was asking specific question and she answer to this and things happened oposite, I have asked for refund as I belive if you good reader you giving back money as things went not like she said , but she refuse saying that things can change, so if you want to know timeframe or anything specifc I don’t recommend at all , maybe it was just with me but so confused all I need to say and people coming here to be less confused not more after reading thank you so much for your reading please keep the money , no problem

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15 Aug 2019 unsatisfactory ranking timkia

First she says he is coming back but then says he is going thru with the marriage to someone else after I told her he was engaged smh.... but yet he’s coming back before the end of the year confused more now than ever

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22 May 2019 unsatisfactory ranking librastellium

Prediction didn’t happen... I didn’t get the job!

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07 Nov 2018 unsatisfactory ranking lifeisjoy

So sad to leave this. She is always so sweet but unfortunately what was said didn’t resonate with reality. Sorry

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27 Jul 2018 unsatisfactory ranking tre_tre06

I never come back to her and she can keep the 10 dollars. ✌

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