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Relationships can be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding part of life. I’m here to help navigate you through those sometimes rough waters * Marriage problems?*Boyfriend/girlfriend troubles? *Questioning his/hers loyalty? *And so on.You’ve come to the right place! Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective on the situation. I’m here to provide you with that perspective and offering you guidance.My goal is to help make your future clear and put a stop to your confusion take away depression, hurt and to clarify your doubts.How you ask? By using my very powerful gift to make you fully understand your situation as it stands and how it got to this point. Get answers and help these arequestions you cannot answer on your own hesitation will not get you any were but bring you confusion in your self so stop delayin your own happiness and allow me to give u advice you need to approach the future with confidence and hope. Never failing advise I can guarantee all your questions will be answered

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3rd generation dedicated psychic and advisor owner of 3 psychic shops in new york


10yrs experience psychic healer and advisor

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05 Oct 2015 excellent ranking sarajka

Thank you

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02 Dec 2013 excellent ranking courtney (unregistered)

Picked up on the outter things and on some good details on things that nobody else knew. She didnt try to sell my any spells and just gave a good reading.. Thanks

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12 Apr 2013 unsatisfactory ranking fire7

I hate to do it, but I have 0-tolerance for this stuff now...I hate wasting hard-earned money I took a chance with Sarina (obviously new) but I was gravely disappointed, as she didn't provide nearly enough detail, gave a generic/subjective reading that could've applied to ANYONE; there was NOTHING concrete/measurable about this reading. It seems like she was simply using (reverse) psychology to draw info from me so she could eventually sell me one of her spells. She also hung up on me. ...I have had thousands of readings in the past, so I know the type of psychology and terminology these people use. I'm totally unimpressed. I think Bitwine really should screen their "psychics" before allowing them to register. They are totally psychotic and beyond (REAL) "empathy."

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