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Hey guys, I'm back online, I have the same reasonably priced deals :) They incude 10 min for $20, 20 min for $35 (discounted deal today) half hour for $60, and a 45 min deal with free email reading for $70, along with 1 hour with free 30 min for $105.00


Hello everyone. I am Goddess Serenity. I’m a real psychic and I answer all of your questions.I love chatting with my clients and am always open to new clients. Recently I’ve been offline and have had an awful flu. I am back so those who haven’t heard from me, I am here now. Easing back into the sched slowly. I am taking reg and new clients. I offer the deals shown daily which are subject to change. I am one of the less expensive accurate readers and do not judge anyone. I will be treated fairly and I will do you the same. I will not tolerate rude behavior and I am intuitive but do not give fairy tales or believe in misguiding you. I care and that is why I am so upfront. My prediction pass definitely everytime. I say this one thing in advance before you come, be ready to listen to my advice. I do not just give predictions, I’m no magician but I make things happen. I’ll put it that way. Not a witch or anything like it, I just know what I am doing. :) I say that in the most sincere and humble way I know how. <3

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am gifted. I will give you the best of direction to meet your desired outcome for your situation though not everything is a possibility some things can’t be. I am open minded and believe in God and the Universe. I give direct predictions with no sugar/candy coating. I do believe there is a reason behind everything good and bad that happens. I have a rare ability to connect with others emotions and thoughts I’ve never met. I have strong telepathic gifts and very elite and precise abilities to give exact predictions. My qualifications are years and years of dedication to helping others discover clarity, give guidance, and help you seek wisdom. ** I DO Take Appointments. Appointments are important. I will send you a link to verify it is best that way, it’s also professional, and easy to remember. PS: Sometimes the chat cuts off.


My experience is has built over the years and continues to grow. I love to read people. I am honest and aim to achieve predictions by working with you. Actually all my predictions DO pass in due time. Everyone who talks to me is usually 100 percent if not 110 percent amazed at my gifts. I’m here to help you in every way there are no boundaries in my chat you are open to ask what you feel the need is at that moment. I am open to everything imaginable. It’s not just about knowing what will happen, but knowing how to handle the blessing or sometimes, the curse, when it comes your way. Is this something you can change? Sometimes, but not always. I’m very serious about my gift. I am very serious about dealing with people’s lives. I don’t believe in asking a lot of questions. Psychics don’t need a lot of info to know the answers. I also give advice. Normally all I need before a reading is a time that you spoke to someone last, and just the first few questions. I take my time to connect with you and the problems you are dealing with. Time frames are subject to change if something else has to be done beforehand. It applies to some, but not everyone. Im normally right on in my timing predictions. When advice is given to me by spirit I suggest you take it and heed the warnings. These are important and can alter many blessings and put you on a path of disaster if not taken into account. I’m deeply in tune with my angels, give names, timing most of the time when it applies, details, physical descriptions, events of past and future and answer all of your questions. I am quick, honest, generous, and kind. *Messages are replied to within three days max depending on my schedule. I’m an honest, straight forward, real world talker, loving reader. I will not lead you down the wrong path or give you a fairy tale. I am not going to give advice on real life matters in a short fast unthought out way. This is why I am generous with my time. After just a few seconds, my clients have already made up their minds. I am their number one reader. You find out why when you read with me.

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