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The crystal pendulum and cards answers everything and anything. LOVE and relationships, family and work, spirituality and abundance, you name it...

FOR BEEING 100 REVIEWER, SPECIAL DISCOUNT!!! CHINESE ASTROLOGY IS THE JAM FOR TODAY!: 0.7$ per minute, 10$ for a mini, and 18$ for a full reading. must leave a review. Get your birth date and time, and of those you want to include in the reading. I’d love to read for you! check my reviews. My name is Mario. You can expect total honesty from me. And a vast knowledge of the crystal pendulum answers everything and anything. I also interpret names comparisson. I think improvement, change shoud not be painful, shouldn’t be only success but also about achievements, get things done. and from that point of view I will help you will enjoy your improvements in your life. My will is to help everybody who comes to me, for this is my job. Thank you very much. The type of readings I offer:
  • You ask your question or inquiry.

*crystal pendulum, or *dragon crystal reading (the quartz point answers about bright aspects, the amethyst sphere answers about feelings and the crysocola egg answers about dark aspects).

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Most readings i did this year shows a point of view askew. This year is good to choose a partner and establish the first connections, instead of settling down with someone. Instead fire monkey year is good to organize work or occupation and fix family issues. So, if you think you´re not finding the right path in life, come to me, and i´ll help you pave things for starting a real and healthy relationship next year. Thanks. I gained conciousness, at age 27, that what was happening (or what Is happening) had always been/is extraordinary… I was put in contact with a beautiful Chaman who introduced me to the expanded world of minerals, crystals and gems.

Please leave a positive review, I appreciate it.

Those who come me to test me if i am a psychic or not, please spare it. LOTS: I’ve been uninterruptedly learning and practicing aspects of different traditions existing in our world, not by becoming a master or a formal expert, but by organically moving towards the esence and meaning of the different aspects of reality and existing in such a space, being the strongest ones: stone and crystal energy, chinese astrology, and chinese divination; Egyptian, Celtic and Japanese ancient traditions.
  • I will tell you little things for you to revamp and improve your lifestyle or situations, and discover hidden aspects of yourself and what surrounds you, and, why not, also discover new things, good things always makes a better happiness.

Please leave a positive review, I appreciate it.

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Languages: english, castellano

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-03:00) September 26, 2020, 03:42PM

Location: capital federal, buenos aires  (Find on Google Maps)

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$0.70 per minute (after your approval)

18$ for 40 minutes complete reading.

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