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Love Guru Julia


Readings and Services:

• If you choose for me to meditate on your energy and give you a full life reading, I charge $25. If you want the same, except for a love reading with the Tarot, it will be $35.

• I do distance healing with Crystal Therapy. No need to be local to have negative thoughts and feelings removed. Invite positive and fresh energy into yourself and your relationship with distance healing. I use high quality Amethyst to tap into your energy and begin an Aura Detox. Rates may vary and not everybody is a candidate, so ask!

• Want to remove toxic energy that is around you, and not so much inside you? Ask about the White Candle burning to represent purity, cleanliness and melting away of all toxicity – no matter where it’s coming from. Take a weight of anxiety and doubt off of you, give clarity to you and your partner. A White Candle burn is a simple process in which I pray and meditate on your energy. I charge $40 for this service and that also includes the candle in which I will burn


I am naturally gifted, and have always sensed energies around me. As I grew older, it became clear to me that I had a specific calling and needed to use my gift to help as many people as possible. I have 10 years of experience of guiding people and giving them the right answers or advice to help them in troubling situations. My reading and sense of clarity will remove any negative thinking. I have especially helped many people overcome obstacles in relationships and consider myself a love expert. I can tell you when you need to move on, or if a relationship is worth staying in.

Or if they are truly your soulmate. And I will tell you how to overcome difficulties blocking your relationship from growing. Ask me any question, nothing is too big or too small for me to look into.

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