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“Be not afraid of moving forward, Be only afraid of standing still.” Dyami assists in any & all areas of life for which you seek guidance. He is extremely helpful when you are at a standstill in your life & offers advice & strategies for you to achieve your goals, be it empowerment, success in career, family, love, spells ,dream interputation Dyami passes thru the veil between you & spirit; where ancients answer & guide, bringing forth insights that may lie hidden within your own psyche.

Shamanic Practices for many years have helped Dyami Sacred communications. Dyami is adept in divining spiritual resolutions to your personal situation as he connects to Spirit & brings back insights you may have missed or are unaware of. Tools can be pendulum, tarot, runes, White Magic & Native American Cards to advise of your true path & personal circumstances. Guided by the Elders & ancient traditions, you will find that Dyami is an absolute blessing in helping you solve your woes & life decisions.

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Dyami has successfully read for many clients over the past 20+ years. Being adept in the study & practice of Shamanism, Native American, self empowerment, meditation techniques & anger management. Trained in abuse issues & stress management counseling. Dyami show’s you the correct path on your journey & guidance to finding inner peace within yourself.

Dyami, an accomplished Empathic Psychic, has special talents with American Indian & Shamanic rituals & spiritual readings; hundreds of thousands successful consultations via person, phone & chat at East Coast metaphysical shops, psychic fairs, private gatherings & psychic lines. Continually growing skills is a personal goal for Dyami.


Dyami has successfully read for many clients over the past 20 + years. Being adept in the study and practice of Shamanism, Native American, meditation techniques and abuse and anger management. Trained in substance abuse and stress management counseling. Internationally known 5 star Expert.

Though engaging in ongoing studies and attending uncountable classes, workshops, gatherings, seminars and educational institutions, Dyami’s service to you is based on one to one experience with others and the guidance I receive while dealing with each client on an individual case.

“I follow the callings of my Spirit Guides and heart while divining with you and draw on tools to assist as they present them self to me at the time. I offer to my clients information about their journey and seek the best choices for them.”

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