Jen Rose

Certified Spiritual Therapist and Natural Born 3rd Generation Faith Healer - 5 Star Expert Spiritual Adviser since 2004


Internationally known Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Adviser, Jen will amaze you with her unique ability of combining natural psychic abilities and deep spiritual insight to reveal information about you and your life path. A plainspoken, no-nonsense reader for modern day people with everyday problems. Jen has been featured as a guest on radio and public events conducting live readings and speaking on spirituality related topics. Her work has been highlighted in feature articles and publications.

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5 Star rated expert advisor since 2004 Licensed Spiritual Therapist Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Studies Licensed consulting private practice Member of Psychical Research Society 3rd generation spiritualist


Expert adviser for various psychic associations. Licensed private consulting business providing readings and assisting clients with spiritual guidance and practical psychic advice. Author for various spiritual newsletters and publications. Publically featured doing live readings and speaking at special events.

Why choose Jen as your personal reader and spiritual advisor?

Free assessment – I tell you up front what I can/can not do for you and what I can/can not see. I care. Genuinely. Give clients everything they need – start to finish, I am here to help I will not leave you. Special features – follow me on facebook and twitter to get inside updates on discounts and weekly specials so you always get the BEST VALUE. Always available – Won’t waste your time – Schedule appointments at your convenience Credibility – Credentials do not "make" someone psychic, but they give credence to my devotion and commitment to my calling.

I have a Proven success rate and am committed to quality. I continue to expand my awareness and knowledge to give the best possible guidance and advice. I offer tons of resources and tools to help work productively toward everything you deserve.

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Local Time: (GMT-06:00) March 20, 2019, 12:26AM

Location: Elkland, MO  (Find on Google Maps)

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20 Jul 2013 unsatisfactory ranking andrace

Nice lady but the reading was filled with many inaccuracies from the very beginning. Her assessment of the current situation was completely off, as was that of my frame of mind, as was her description of someone else's personality. I stopped the reading halfway through, seemed pointless to continue.

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05 Jun 2013 unsatisfactory ranking cruella

She left after just minutes...she charged me $ 10 for 20 min. But left after 5!!!!!

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25 May 2013 unsatisfactory ranking bundip

Feel very cheated. Paid $10 for 20 mins and she cut me off after 10. Tried to call her back but she didnt pick up. left her a msg, no reply. Also during the reading time i did get she kept waffling about stuff irrelevant to my question. I will be complaining to Bitwine where they will see proof via my transcript!

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07 Aug 2012 unsatisfactory ranking sophia13 (unregistered)

shallow insight

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23 Sep 2010 unsatisfactory ranking akasha82

Lovely lady but her reading was too convoluted to believe and she seemed to confuse and contradict herself. I asked for validation of connection (she didnt unerstand what that was - I was trained to always give validation - so i gave various examples). I was so hoping for her that she'd be able to listen to spirit and relay the messages but feel she just requires a little more training. Very sweet lady tho and I think she will do well with disciplined training. Sorry you're angry. I think you're a good person and none of us get it right 100% of the time. We just need to set out egos aside and continue to evolve. I know you'll do well xx

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