Psychic Elements.

Spiritual Insider & Healer, Energy Reader, Love and relationship specialist! Psychic Elements Connects Into a Deeper Realm of Energy To Tune Into Your Situation Accuractly!


Psychic Elements, I am a gifted spiritual advisor/insider that has helped many people from all around providing the guidance they need, the clairity they are looking for, the inner peace that they desire, & the answers they have been searching.. by allowing me to enter your aura & energy of your vibrations thru the spiritual realm, I can look into the past as it was, the present as it is, and the future as it will be! allow me to be the one to help shape your future & direct your future footsteps.. Love & Light!

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I can help you achieve your goals & find inner peace in all aspects of life, I am well known for my honesty & integrity, I have never failing advice on all affairs such as love, courtship, marriage, divorce, & business.


I am a gifted psychic that has been guiding people through all aspects of life, such as love, marriage, business, career, courtship and many other areas of life. I have been using my gift for 18 years now and I am well-known for my honesty and integrity! I offer palm readings, psychic readings, tarot card readings, and there are a few more to choose from. One visit will convince you! If you have questions, I have the answers. Call today for a better tomorrow!

I offer many types of accurate but also very unique readings..

MOST POPULAR! $30, Love & Energy.. most popular reading i offer! This Reading Is looking into love and relationships.. connecting into deeper routes of energy & light this reading can and will reveal your lovers Emotions towards you, But most importantly there thoughts & Feelings!.. weither its just a interest for a person or for someone you May share stronger feelings for! This reading is here to put you at ease for whatever you may be feeling!

$20. Receive a Tarot Card followed by a psychic reading, Looking and connecting into your past present and future, also answering any questions you may have!

$20 Receive a Angel Card Lay out.. connecting thru your spirit guides only, this session allows me to give an in-depth characteristic reading

$25 Crystal Connection. By you providing your name and date of birth I can connect your energy into many of my unique Crystals Which will throw out a stronger energy as to looking into deeper situations..

My expectations in life are knowing that I can tap into peoples energy and guide them to there destiny in there own life where there able to take a road less traveled by pain and heartbreak! If it can be avoided, then why not! I offer the best advice to my ability through my readings! It’s up to the client if they decide to take it!

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