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As a girl I am pretty good at giving advice to guys when it comes to girls, I pretty much tell you how it is and what is to be done to achieve whatever it might be that you are looking for. However, I am pretty good at telling where something is gonna go and I can tell you whether to just move on or keep pushing forward. I’m basically a relationship guru.

Addictions, I have over came and I understand how difficult it can be to cope with them. If your seeking help, i’ll do my best to point you in the right direction to recieve it. If not and you just need someone to talk about it, i’m good for that.

Makeup Tips and Tricks! If you don’t have boobs, I can help you look like you got’em… I know alot of tricks that you can use that will make things much easier and save you a bundle in the long run – especially with nails!!! Lets just say I am extra creative when it comes to some stuff and lets face it… You gotta be when you are a girl.

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