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NO FREE READINGS! You pay me for my time. NO REFUNDS!

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As an intuitive, psychic, empath, I connect with you from the heart & feel what you’re feeling and what others whom you are asking about feel too.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not sugar coat anything, however, I always deliver your message(s) with love and grace. If you’re not ready for the truth, then you’re not ready for a reading.

I do not do: Timelines Medical, Law, Pregnancy

I do not do: refunds after a reading has concluded*

Please know this, while we as advisors can help to guide you along your path, you ultimately make your own choices that can alter and change your own journey. This is called free will. Please type free will in our introductory greetings so I know you have read this.

If I tell you something you do not want to hear, please know what I ‘get’ is what I ‘get’ in that moment.

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Reiki Master Archangelic Light Master/Teacher Intuitive Development 101, 102 Angel Card Reading Angel Intuitive Healing


As a child I remember laying in bed in the early hours of the morning hearing someone call out my name as if they were speaking directly into my ear. It scared me because, well, no one was there. It did not matter how many times I cried out for my mom in those instances because it kept occurring. As I got a little older this slowly started to dissipate, however, a high pitched tone started to ring in my left ear off and on, here and there. As a kid, I thought other life forms were attempting to make contact with me. Were they? When I had my spiritual awakening, I was a constant seeker of knowledge about all different types of modalities. I’ve been doing angel oracle card readings and energy healing since 2015. Since then my abilities have increased and they have become stronger. I am a highly sensitive empath, who is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I feel the emotions of others and at times, animals. I am also a medium and developing those skills to help you connect with your loved ones who have transitioned. I started off practicing on myself and with family and friends. I then began my own healing business which also includes intuitive/spiritual coaching. From this point, I’ve been doing readings and energy healing for a wide array of clients locally and globally. Helping other people is part of my life purpose and I never thought I would make a career out of it, and here I am doing just that. I have clients through my own business, other spiritual advisor sites and now as part of the bit wine family, I am able to use my experience to guide you along your journey.

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23 Sep 2018 unsatisfactory ranking Me (unregistered)

Awful. Absolute waste of effort!! I want my money back paypal and bitwine!! She repeated herself over and over again...very generic and little info was given. This woman isn't physic and should remove herself from this site. Everything is in transcript..dark hair..glasses..thats it and i wasted money on this. Hardly gave me anything was useful and true. She can't "see" so for folks who want a true..detailed and in depth reading pls go to someone else. This advisor is useless. Sadly she couldn't care less and is all about the money.

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