Daniela, Gypsy oracle, Russian gypsy deck, Lenormand oracle, Oracle of past lives, Oracle of fairies and angels. Interpretation of dreams, rituals, interpretation of remains of candles Runes, rituals, sweetenings, moorings of love, openings of roads


I am a natural seer of the third generation, I specialize in reading tarot, oracles, gypsy oracles, Russian gypsy cover, crystal ball, pendulum, oraculum of past lives, oraculum of fairies and angels, runes. I am a gemotherapist. I can advise you on stone therapies according to your pathology, help you in healing, balance and open the doors, I can help you with reiki, I can also help you with the rituals of opening registers, sweeten, attract the loved one. One, eliminate negative people, strengthen and cut karmic ties. Oued to help you with the interpretation of dreams, as well as in the remnants of candles

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Reiki teacher level 2 gemotherapist, therapy with gems, balance, energetic transmutations. Openings of Akashic Records Medium Oracles, lenormand, fairies, past lives, angels, crystal ball Interpretation of Dreams Interpretation of remains of candles Divination through the crystal ball Opening of akashic records and past lives regressions White magic works Energy cleanings, openings of roads, separation from negative people, sweetenings in the couple’s relationship, attract love, ties of love, opening economic, financial paths


since I was a child I started with premonitory dreams, my grandmother was a great teacher in my life and I was promoted, I am from the third generation of visionaries, I started with tarot reading since I was 12 years old and my specialty is gypsy oracles I am a gemotherapist, healing with gem balancing chakras, energetic attunements, rituals of cleanings, openings of roads, sweetening I have the gift of birth I am a very sincere honest and frontal person I do not mess around I have ample experience in religious works in energetic balances energetic cleanings openings of economic ways in the love distance Which negative person heals of the evil eye description of remains of candles to be done and published How to make certain rituals of baths of discharges cleanings with eggs all kinds of openings and of energetic cleanings activations of the sacred numerical codes I can identify what are the conflicts that you have today through your past lives if what you are going through is that you can not progress or repeat the situation and we can constantly visualize my oracle of past lives and there to identify what are the problems that are having and thus be able to heal them and move on your way It used my oracle of the fairies very much they are wonderful beings that help us in the guide on concrete questions about how to carry a certain situation or the future The rulas are also a great day in this way is a concrete message Do not hesitate to consult me ​​I’m here to help you

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