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hello my name is mya I’m a natural born gifted psychic with over 15 years of experience, my readings will give you full answers clarity and help you find what you’ve been seeking for. with my ability just by giving me your full name & date of birth I can pick up on any issue you may be facing at this moment in life. if you’re feeling tired, stressed,not sure what direction to take or decision to make? I can help with giving that clear mind and knowledge your wanting. I’m a straightforward but nonjudgemental psychic I will give you answers but also help you solve those issues. I’ve traveled out of the United States to do meditations in a sacred temple I often work with the elements around me Earth wind water and fire. to build my ability to be able to connect with any energy but not only can I connect with energy I also can sense and feel what your partner may be feeling! so don’t hesitate any longer and lets get started! so not only you’ll have a better tomorrow but a better life time!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

i’m a certified specialist in metaphysic art’s

licensed psychic in the state of Kansas

all readings I will always make sure my client feels open and comfortable with me I’m a honest person so I will be open with you and tell you the truth rather what I see or feel is good or bad.

my main specialty is love and relationships and also the future I also specialize in aura chakra and energy


my psychic ability is stronge and gets connected quickly with you and your energy, When I first noticed my empathic experience I was very young and confused of what was happening? I could feel energy’s and sense what’s going on with their near future. I traveled out of the United States for 4 years to do more searching and see if their was any explanation towards of why I was chosen I would do spiritual meditations energy balancing to build a stronger connection with my spirit guides, days later I was walking by this couple that have went through alot and was at a breaking point in their relationship but I picked up on a energy and feeling that this wouldn’t of been good for the two of them cuz they was soulmates and moments later I had walked up to them and told them what I felt and knew about them and that they needed my help to build this relationship back together ,few months later the couple got married and was happily ever after! so don’t keep waiting on what the future holds for you and what your situation may be rather if you have questions or concerns about your life I’ll be the perfect spiritual advisor to help and guide you through whatever it may be

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