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Ami Akuti


I am the 11:11 Dream Oracle — dreamworker, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, empath and spiritual advisor.

I consult with my gods and goddesses and higher guides to give you advice on all issues of life: money, romance, spiritual development, career, friendships, etc.

⚠️ I won’t lie about what the oracle or guides have to say. If you are not ready to hear the answer, please don’t ask the question.⚠️

I type FAST. I don’t mess around.

I specialize in: - Twin Flame (11:11/soulmate) consciousness and guidance - Dream interpretation - Spirit animal/guide connection - Tarot reading

Through my intuitive and empathic gifts assisted by the Tarot and other oracles (runes, cards, etc.), I can provide you clear-headed advice on matters of the heart and soul. No BS, no sugar-coating—I’ll give you straight answers without taking away your agency to make the ultimate decisions for your best life. I can show you the doors; it’s up to you to chose which one to walk through.


I’m a third-generation empath with years of experience reading Tarot, lucid dreaming, dream analysis and oracle reading.

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Languages: English

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