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Do You Know Why you are Stuck in this unpleasant situation? Because Your Thoughts and feelings are based on scarcity, unworthiness, guilt, fear and frustration. Prosperity has little to do with education, social or economic status and specific abilities or talents.

You think that the perfect partner for you is not available, is unattainable or already committed to someone else … You feel that the life of your dreams is a mirage… You are frustrated because you have more bills to pay than you have money come in… You keep attracting people, things and situations that resonate with this negative energy you project. Same old pattern repeated over and over and you feel exhausted…

Sounds familiar? Does this resonate with you?

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Personal Success depends on authenticity, discipline and resilience. If you have tried everything and are still unfulfilled, I can help you with solid and specific tools to get rid of these self-limiting beliefs and harmful financial habits that keep you from your ideal life.

Personal & Spiritual Mentor.

Are you suffering in silence? Tell me what is going on and I will bring you immediate peace of heart and soul.

Author: "Ignite Your Life With Chakra Sparks"


More than 35 years helping thousands including celebrities all over the world & Mentoring Beginners developing their Gifts and Coaching professionals.

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12 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking candyapple2017

After several readings over a period of time, predictions of work and relationship did not happen. She kept reassuring me to trust her but when I came in for an update and told her I did not get the contract, she hung up on me and blocked me. No integrity with this person! Please beware.

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09 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking neiceynoodle

What was that! Talking in riddles. Didn't know what she was talking about to be honest...she did answer my q to be fair, but it's either a yes or a no lol so she took her pick lol, didn't like her style at all. Don't even think she was connected to be honest. Wasted my time and money. Kept saying to her i didnt understand. Refund please!

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04 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking slc81

I did not like my experience with this advisor BUT that does not mean that somebody else will not have a better experience with her. I still think to her for her efforts.

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16 Aug 2016 unsatisfactory ranking dcb89

anyone could have said this. also i expected some guidance and advice regarding the question and got none.

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26 May 2016 unsatisfactory ranking tyannbeck

reading was ok. I came in with my questions pre-written I asked about three times for the same question about timeframe on marriage and kids to be answered. I don't know if she just didnt feel like answering it and ignored me or what but thanks. Reading was also a bit slow don't know if it was connection or what.You did not answer my initial question about a timeframe on marriage and kid. I had 2 question. you answered on and half answered the 2nd. Why would i pay more to have my questions half answered? :UPDATE Instead of trying to argue with me how about you Check the transcript and you will see you did not answer my question! You didn't go over allotted time so stop took two minutes to ask me questions over I posted at the beginning of the reading. You claimed you were FAST and that was not the case at all. Im done with this review still didn't answer the question so you came update and change your response however many times you would like. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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