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Greetings. I am Nightwish Divinity and I am a natrually born psychic empath with the ability to pick up on matters based upon the energy that I pick up from you and the path that you currently on. Using my empath abilities and the occasional use of other spiritual tools I can reveal your past, present & future unlocking your fate providing you with honest & accurate predictions as well as guidance into your situation. All readings given by me are given with an open mind and caring heart, therefor I will not judge you based upon your concern. All readings with me are confidential Whether you have a simple question or need much guidance in a time of uncertainty allow me to be of service to you. I specialize in all areas of life and no matter is too big or to small for me.

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single foot step. Answers to what will await you on your journey begin with a single click.”

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Naturally born psychic & spiritual advisor with 16 years exp., Love & Relationship expert with experience in dating & relationship as well as marital counseling, Well trained paranormal investigator also specializing in ridding of unwanted spirits and entities, highly skilled expert in the area of dream analysis, absolute savant in the area of divination & spell casting, professional psychic as well as palm & tarot card reader in licensed, family owned and established office in the southern California area that has been in business for well over 50 years.


I come from a long line of psychics as it is an ability that runs in my family from over four generations. I developed my ability during my early childhood. In my teen years I took special interest in divination and white magic. These spiritual tools helped me see into what I sensed more clearly and with my special interest in white magic I became a highly skilled healer. Currently I work in a licensed office located in the southern California area that is family owned and has been in business for over 50 years where readings are given daily. For the purpose of being able to reach others and expanding my business I’ve recently become a Bitwine advisor to be able to help people from all over the world with no appointment necessary!

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