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Special rate: 10 minutes for $30 (save $10) ; 15 minutes for $40 (save $20). Please ask before we go to hire, Rate has to be adjusted before hire.

With the help of your guides and my own, I will answer all of your questions with 100% honesty. Please be advised that the answer you receive may not be what you want to hear, but I cannot work any other way. I will deliver my answers with respect and caring. I am here to help you. The result of any reading can be emotional, and the work that I do is meant to help guide you. Readings are serious business. They are not for "Fortune Telling". My intention is for the greatest good of all concerned. There will be times when some of the information that you receive may not make sense to you at the time. Often times our hearts get in the way of our Heads, and you may not recognize something that makes perfect sense until later. This is very common. Be kind and gentle with yourself, know that NO ONE can ever tell you 100% what your future is, nor what your needs are.

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I do not have any special degrees in my field. Just experience and practice since I was a young child. Coming from a family that has been so open minded and helped to nourish my psychic side really helped. I am very qualified to help you with your situation, as I have helped thousands over the past 25+ years.


25+ years of experience helping thousands of people and I know I can help you too. Rated 5 stars on all sites I am listed on. My experience ranges from visions to feelings, to actually hearing the voice of guides. I cannot control how the information comes out, but it will come out in one of those ways.

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Languages: English

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03 Oct 2010 excellent ranking antivirgo

I opted to chat with Shelley because I like what she's written in her description, and I wasn't disappointed. I'm super impressed by how she immediately picked up on the main issue in my relationship, no questions asked. Her rate is a bit higher than what I'm usually willing to pay, but I point that out only because I'm glad I called her despite that--she didn't need very much time--and I enjoyed my reading. She even answered an extra question for me at the end after time ran out, which I really appreciate. She is also polite, well-spoken and a fast typer! I'd recommend her to a friend, for sure. Thanks again, Shelley :)

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27 Sep 2010 excellent ranking pepinka

Amazing reading!!! Picked up on soo many things... No suggaring , just honest... Thanks again .. will come for updates once predictions are happening ( I know they will )

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06 Jun 2010 excellent ranking pree89

she's very nice, thank you.

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