Miss Meadow Spiritual Healing And Love Channeling. Lets Connect our Spirits and allow me to gain insight to your matters. I take my clients like family/friends I want to get to know you as you get to know me. on both ends respecting each other.


BITWINE REACHED OUT TO ME! AND ASKED IF I WOULD JOIN THEIR SERVICES, SO HERE I AM!!!! I am loving and compassionate. very friendly. and will do my best to collect info from my guides to help you with your matters of the heart.Ex lover, current lover, future lover. With spirit willing I pray for them to lead me and give you peace in your heart to whatever the issues may be.

Please Do Not Test Me I will not deliver. you come in with a mind to Test you will corrupt the read and upset my Main Spirit Guide who is eager to assist with very serious issues< we want to connect with you. NO FREE reads. I am Brutally honest So if you are not prepared Please do not contact me. Your future is not set in stone! God, the Angels, the guides, & the spiritual realm can all lay a path ahead but they cannot FORCE it to come to pass. We are the reality of our futures! It’s been like that since the beginning of man kind. And hasn’t changed yet. Time frames are not 100% guaranteed due to this. a true reader will admit this.

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Bitwine personally contacted ME to join their platform so here I am!!! Have worked with Private Clients for 13 years and also working AND WELL KNOWN with the Sister Company of Bitwine which Is PURPLE OCEAN the app. I have built a Great amount of clients who I call family there. ((((CHECK OUT MY REVIEWS THERE)))). I AM EXCITED TO EXPAND MY BRANCH OF NEW FAMILY MEMBERS HERE ON THE BITWINE PLATFORM!!! so please lets ask our spirits to connect with each other. Specialize in Love readings. Psychic Spiritual Advisor Empath Clairvoyant Clairaudience



My reading style is very SPIRITUAL. Be open minded. A gift passed on from my ancestors and I consider myself blessed to be in that blood line. I take your journey personal as if it were me and im out for your best interest. my clients know this of me. I do not tell you what decisions you should make. my Job is to feel the energies and collect from spirit what they would willingly allow me to pick, and delivery it to you. you take that Info and make your personal choice…

What does a doctor require to evaluate your symptoms/issues? (History and current symptoms) what does an advisor require to seek insight? (History and current issues). WHAT IS SURROUNDING YOU? OR WHAT IS MISSING? Lets take a look!!!

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01 May 2018 excellent ranking d135791


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26 Apr 2018 excellent ranking nozlafchri

Love this advisor ! Very gifted and connects accurately to the situation. Highly recommend xxx

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21 Nov 2017 excellent ranking essmonet

Hey sorry for the late review! Thank you for being so honest. I truly believe you're accurate and your predictions have come to pass before. I'll be patient and just keep trying. Oh btw, we were able to figure out the birthday thing and hes taking me out tonight, yay! :D

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15 Nov 2017 excellent ranking missycj

Miss meadow will always be honest and that i appreciate. I know this bcuz i had another reading with her on a different site almost a year ago. She told me something that i wasn't to happy to hear...but i soon found out it was the truth. So girl you have my respect. If it means anything :)

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28 Oct 2017 excellent ranking beautifful55555

I had read with her july i think n what ever she predicted happened exactly..infact b4 time frame...another great reading n brilliantly picked up again...she was very sweet n gave extra time too...ill be back

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