The New “Verify Payment Capability” Feature

The Verify Payment Capability feature has been added to address advisors’ concern that they waste a long time on “freebies” – clients who abuse the free introductory time and never intend to pay the advisor afterward.

How it works:

In your chat console, note the link on the bottom right:

click it to send a payment verification request to your client:

The client will get the following popup:

After the client entered her payment information and the system authorized it successfully, you will get a confirmation:

If the client does not authorize payment successfully, you will get an appropriate error message.

Note: Payment Verification is not a charge! It only verifies the user can pay. You still need to click the “Start Charging” (or “Request Payment”) button to start the actual charge.

Once Client’s Payment Capability is verified, a “start charge” request by the advisor can be answered by the client quickly, as the money is already authorized and the client is not requested to put any payment information again.

See also: the Client Screening feature.

As of today, this feature is deployed and there is no need to take any special action in order to activate it.