The New “Client Screening” Feature

The Client Screening feature has been added to address advisors’ concern that they waste a long time on “freebies” – clients who abuse the free introductory time and never intend to pay the advisor afterward.

How it works:

For each client (including unregistered users) the system tracks each call in which an advisor requested payment from the client. The system keeps a count on how many times the client paid and how many times they rejected payment. This information is displayed when the client calls (see Client Recent Payments feature). In addition, you may automate the screening process by defining blocking and verification thresholds.

In your web account, under My Profile -> Chat Setup you will find the following:

In this example, if the client had 5 or more sessions, and all of them were free, then when they call in they will automatically get a request to verify payment capability. If they had 10 or more free calls (and no paid calls) then they will be completely blocked from calling you.

  • Reduce the ‘Verify Payment Threshold’ value to “tighten” your requirement for payment verification.
  • Reduce the ‘Block Users Threshold’ to “tighten” your tolerance for accepting calls from non paying users.
  • Reducing values increases your demands and makes you more restrictive; Increasing the values makes you less demanding, and hence, more available to all
    See also: the Verify Payment Capability feature.

As of today, this feature is deployed. You may customize it by changing the default parameters in My Profile -> Chat Setup.