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Clairvoyant, Psychic Intuitive Card Reader, Medium, Healer, White Witch, Powerful Spells....15 yrs EXP.,.


I will be online Wednesday March 18th, Thursday 19th & Friday 20th.

I am a fast typist, 50 wpm. My readings combine clairvoyance, card and energy reading and coaching.


I can use no Tools, Channelling and Mediumship in my Readings but I also can use the tarot cards, pendulum and crystal ball.

I can do a Reading for you on any questions or direction you need, I can also help you manifest any goals you have, I can also work with you and coach you in the following; Just email me for magick coaching session prices.

I use The Power of the Angels and Akashic Field to help you you create anything you want in life; ~ Love Healing for yourself or relationship healing. ~ Manifest Wealth, Health and Happiness. ~ help with energy boosts, aura and chakra healing. ~ find true love/Keep true love ~ holistic healing ~ higher spiritual guidance ~ Spiritual Cleansing, Psychic Attack, Curse Removal, Negative Entity or Energy clearing and Removal.

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Psychic Reader, Medium, Healer, White Witch, Angelic Spells….15 yrs EXP, I can help you make things happen and help you reach your Wildest Goals!LOVE EXPERT {{MAGICK THAT WORKS!!!}} Rituals for Manifesting Wealth + Health + Love & Happiness..

15 years professional reading experience.

Reiki Master

Akashic Records certified Reader and consultant.

Hermetic Practitioner

Angelic Reader and Healer

Bio-Etheric Healer

Rootworker and Spell-crafts

Theta Healing, LOA coaching, Life Coach


15 years experience working as a Reader, Healer, Spellcraft Practitioner.

Connect with me for a truthful, fast reading…I am a fast typist.

I offer Magickal Coaching, I can coach you on how to create fast and Magickal change in your life, I can offer Email Magickal/LOA coaching where you can carry out the workings DIY. I can also do the workings for you but I do recommend that doing the work yourself (DIY) is the best way to go but for the busy and not so active I can do the workings for you at a consultation price. **Please contact me for pricings.

Although I have been psychic all my life. My specialities are Psychic Readings, Mediumship and connecting to Loved Ones and Higher Self, Healing in Reiki and Theta Healing,++ I also practice Magically and Esoteric, Color Healing. ++My main skill is in making things happen, I have specialised in Angelic Magick, LOA and working on the Astral Plane to remove blocks and manifest what you want, I also can banish anything you don’t want, I can do this by coaching you on how to do this or I can perform the rituals myself. Spirituality and Magick is a way of life for me. I started with the Tarot 20 years ago, I am also a Reiki Master, Life Coach and Theta Healer, Soul Clearing Practitioner & Law of Attraction Coach.

Curse/Hex Removal, Negative Vibes Lifting Specialist, I have 15 years experience with this, which was born out of my own personal experiences of being on the receiving end of the evil eye & bad voodoo. Not to say that everything is a curse on you but negative life conditions mean some form of negative energies present be that self created or wished upon you.

I have studied many modalities and can help with clearing and cleansing your aura, chakras, clearing cords, increasing energy and self esteem, changing and improving the energy between people and circumstances or situations, I can help you learn how to work on manifesting your goals in career and love, or any other goal or area of life through different Magick Rituals, LOA techniques and working with the Akashic Field.

@@@ Magickal Email Coaching @@@ $60 Email Coaching, working on one issue, I give you DIY instructions on how to get exactly what you want with one goal. Be that work, money, love, career. This is very simple magick to perform, it works and I will be there every step of the way with you.

@@@ Distance Spiritual Healing @@@ $60 per distance healing session, please contact me for details. I work on your energy bodies and chakras and use Angelic Guides and Huna Energy to clear you unconscious body of lower vibrations and channel higher energies into your energy centers.
  • contact me for details.

@@@ Spell casting and Exorcism @@@ Contact me for any spell casting, Ghost Busting, house clearings.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+00:00) April 01, 2020, 11:03AM

Location: Dublin  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: 4 days ago

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27 Feb 2020 excellent ranking beautee

Amazing picked up on exact events only I know about. Hopefully predictions happen as stated in the reading as timelines seem to match up.

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19 Dec 2019 excellent ranking chakram90

Thanks for the reading. She made sure she connected first before charging. Will take the advice

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12 Sep 2019 excellent ranking watermeadows

Excellent reading!!She was so insightful to the point v caring accurate reader and was v generous with time.Highly recommended!!Wonderful.

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20 Dec 2014 excellent ranking vpoh

She is a very detailed reader though she needed more time to check on things however, she's really good. Very patient, kind and very helpful. Not hungry for money. Made a new friend. Will be back for updates.

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20 Dec 2014 excellent ranking love15

Wonderful and excellent

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